The Lucas GroupThe Lucas Group is headquartered in Monroe, NC and is the sole owner and operator of a factory in China. We make products for American companies who recognize the advantages of buying directly from the manufacturer. Our customers contact us because they want to lower cost without compromising quality.

The Lucas Group consist of four companies: Griffith-Lucas LLC, Lucas Beauty, Lucas International and Shunde Lucas. These four companies provide hundreds of products across various industries meeting the needs of small, medium and large companies throughout North America.

Unlike many Chinese manufacturers and trading companies, The Lucas Group has licenses to manufacture and export products from China. Therefore, our customers buy directly from us, the manufacturer and avoid the cost of middle-men such as trading companies, exporters, importers and distributors.


  • Medical Division
  • Food Service Division Protective Clothing Hotel and Bath Division

Lucas International

  • Beauty division Spa Products

Shunde Lucas

  • Manufacturing
  • Facility in China

Lucas Beauty

  • Beauty division Spa Products